Gratitude, Love, & Compassion from Little Movements

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back
and realize they were the big things.”
~Robert Brault

The “little” movements of the heart, mind, and body bring
great gratitude, love, and compassion to local communities and the world.

PTDOS 2019 ~ Lagos, Nigeria

The 5th annual PT Day of Service (PTDOS), October 12, 2019, brought together over 3,500 people in the 50 US states and 40 countries to touch the life of another with compassion, collaboration, and community. A day that began with a what if thought by Efosa on the Amazon River in Peru, a message to Josh, and a collaboration of friends, family, and colleagues. (Full story) The “little” idea now ripples across the world on an annual basis bringing the physiotherapy world together through local service for a global effect.

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PBI 2019-20 ~ Schwab Rehab SCI Paint Night

Beyond empowering people to come together and serve on one day together globally, we believe in the innovational drive of people to develop and provide sustainable access to rehabilitation programs and professionals and to maximize lives through movement and wholistic living around the corner and around the world. Move Together granted $11,815 in our 3rd annual Pro Bono Incubator (PBI) grant program for 2019-2020. Also, Move Together and the Pro Bono Network joined together in 2019 to kick-off the collection, aggregation, and sharing of the “little” works of pro bono programs across the US for stronger and healthier communities across the US (National Pro Bono Rehabilitation Outcomes Collection).

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CDP January 2019 ~ Villa Nueva, Guatemala

A lot of “little” movements within the Clinic Development Program (CDP) manifest to “big” movements. The simple touch, smile, and listening ear provide hope to people who may have never experienced the compassionate touch of a rehabilitation specialist. The “little” touches increase life’s function; Increased function increases the ability to do daily activities, to play, to dance, to work; Increased community engagement makes healthier communities; And healthier communities lead to a better world.

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Move Together & CDP Familia ~ January 2018, Villa Nueva, Guatemala

Each moment, each penny, each skill compounds from a “little” movement to a “big” movement empowering one another, Move Together, and the world. We are a collective of people (sponsors/partners; PBI grantees; PTDOS participant; CDP clinicians, students, translators, and support members; Catalyst Club members; and the Move Together team members) collaborating together in “little” ways for a “big impact. We are grateful for each moment, penny, and skill shared to maximize our mission and vision around the corner and around the world.

We appreciate the continued partnership with the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) as we collaborate in new and innovative ways to expand awareness and access to physical therapy in the US and the world. It is an honor to welcome Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy (TAI) as a partner in 2019. We are grateful for the continued and new PTDOS sponsors from corporations, organizations, state PT associations, and individuals donating over $19,000 in PTDOS sponsorships for 2019.

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Move Together & CDP Familia ~ May 2018, Villa Nueva, Guatemala

We encourage you to pursue that “little” movement, what if in your heart, mind, or body with intention and belief. We are excited for the collaborations ahead with you, your organization, your community as our collective moments of love and compassion spark “big” waves in lives around the corner and around the world in the days and years to come.

We would love to hear from you and share your story! Do you have a story to share on how a “little” moment of engagement with Move Together through PTDOS, PBI, CDP, or Catalyst Club has impacted your life, the life of another, or the community? If so, please email us at


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