9 months.

That's how long she waited to receive
physiotherapy after her stroke.
Let's change that.


Move Together’s mission is to increase access to quality rehabilitation medicine around the corner and around the world.

We aim to achieve this through…

Increasing the quality and quantity
of sustainable clinics and programs
Catalyzing servant leaders

Move Together’s Programs

Below is a brief overview of our programs. Please contact us to learn more.

PT Day of Service

PT Day of Service (PTDOS) is an annual global initiative in which colleagues, friends, and families come together to serve the communities in ways that are transcending and transformative. It has reached up to 60 countries with nearly 15,000 participants. Local Service for a Global Effect. Visit the website for this year’s date and efforts.

Pro Bono Incubator

Pro Bono Incubator (PBI) was created to support creative ideas for access. Support comes in the form of grant funding, mentorship, and development resources. We also focus on facilitating connections between all entities in the United States so that individual and collective efforts continuously improve.

Clinic Development Program

In this international program, we collaborate with local community partners to build or enhance rehab clinics and operationalize them for sustainable optimization. In the Clinic Development Program, each project is personalized to the capacity and needs of the community. Sustainable relationships are maintained with each clinic as we build a global network.

Catalyst Club

To fulfill our mission and pursue our vision, it takes the work of passionate and compassionate people. This program is our critical mass of servant leaders who participate in our different programs and projects and help bring our efforts to life. Being fulfilled while fulfilling others is the mantra of this team. Apply Today!