The Clinic Development Program (CDP) strives to increase access to care through structural solutions within underserved communities. Whether building a brand new clinic or converting a vacant space to a functional treatment center, the CDP focuses on cultural immersion and collaboration to create sustainable and positive change in communities around the world.

CDP Collaborative Clinics & Programs

  • May 2017 ~ Collaboratively built the Jairo Rodríguez Municipal Physiotherapy Clinic in Mercado Concepción, Villa Nueva, Guatemala with the Municipality of Villa Nueva.
  • May 2018 ~ Collaboratively enhanced a shared space in San Pedro Sacatepéquez to include a physiotherapy clinic, alongside a medical and dental clinic.
  • October 2018 ~ In partnership with the Mayor developed an operational plan for functionalizing a new physiotherapy clinic in San Cristóbal Acasaguastlán.
  • December 2018 ~ Equipping and functionalizing the rehabilitation wing of the new state of the art hospital in Villa Nueva, Guatemala.

Cultural Immersion and Service Experiences

Move Together operates approximately 1-4 service experiences per year through the Clinic Development Program. Each experience is split into four parts:

  • Cultural Immersion: As a group, we participate in activities such as sports games, coffee farm tours, and meetings with local leadership to better understand the individuals and communities we are serving.
  • Constructional/Educational: Depending on the nature of the experience, we work hand in hand with local PTs, students, and community members to either build a brand new clinic or enhance an existing clinic through education and resources.
  • Clinical: The primary component of each experience is actual treatment time, where clinicians and students work with local PTs and students to deliver treatment to local community members, learning from each other, and sustainably influencing treatment through education and modifications to patient’s plan of care.
  • Casual: Each experience wraps up with the opportunity to see the beauty and history of the countries we visit.

CDP Project Schedule

  • We currently do not have any Clinic Development Program experiences available. Stay tuned for future CDP projects.
  • If you’re interested in joining us for a Clinic Development Program experience, please contact us at

CDP Feature: January 2018 Villa Nueva Cultural Immersion & Service Experience

"An enriching experience that allows you to make a large difference within a community and grow tremendously, both personally and professionally."
- Anonymous January 2018 CDP Participant