PT Day of Service: Compassion, Collaboration, & Community through Action in Nigeria

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Compassion, Community, Collaboration are more than mere words articulating the idea and power behind Move Together’s annual PT Day of Service (PTDOS). They are embodied by the people, organizations, and companies through their development, sharing, and engagement as they transform lives through sustainable projects. On October 12, 2019, PTDOS celebrates 5-years of compassionate action around the world with local community collaborations.

The endless possibilities start with your what if, why not passions and dreams and advance in action, rippling throughout the world with local service for a global effect. Ayobami, a physical therapist (PT) in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, truly embodies these three words: compassion, community, and collaboration. In 2018, Ayobami learned about PTDOS and with a compassionate heart leaned in to learn more about the purpose of the program and how to get involved. He reached out to fellow PTs to learn more and to find fellow Nigerians who had participated in 2017. Ayobami spoke with the PTs in Lagos State, Nigeria, who encouraged him to reach out in his own community. Tune in next month to hear the compassion, community, and collaboration rippling through the PT profession in Lagos State, Nigeria.

*Photo courtesy of ACI

Through his connections and learning from fellow PTs in Nigeria and around the world, Ayobami was driven to action and searched for opportunities to connect with students and to find community partnerships in Ibadan. He connected with fellow science and health students at the University of Ibadan, and together they collaborated with the African Clean Up Initiative (ACI) for PTDOS 2018.

The ACI focuses on “raising environmentally responsible citizens within the communities of Nigeria and throughout Africa.” Ayobami was inspired and energized by the day. They collaborated with a local waste management agency to clean an open field in Ibadan, Nigeria. It was a wonderful opportunity to step out of the clinic and his comfort zone to engage in the community. While cleaning, locals walking by would stop and ask what was happening and why they were cleaning the field. They seized that opportunity to pause and be present with them educating them on the importance of a clean environment, proper hygiene, and physical movement. Ayobami expressed these words in reflection of his day, “The experience was worthwhile. I am happy I got involved with @ptdayofservice.”

*Photo courtesy of ACI

Ayobami’s experience with PT Day of Service did not stop there in late 2018, he applied to be part of the PTDOS core team and is now proud to serve on the 2019 PTDOS Global Affairs team. He works to help expand awareness of PTDOS throughout Nigeria and the world. In Nigeria specifically, he is seeking out colleagues across all six geopolitical zones to bring the PT community across Nigeria together. They are discussing how to develop sustainable opportunities for PTs to participate in PTDOS and impact their local communities for a global effect. They’ve started a virtual group to collaborate and ideate on free, cost-effective ways to engage in their communities. Learn more next month from the PTs of Lagos State, Nigeria.

Ayobami’s hope is to bring greater awareness about the opportunities for PTs to step out of their clinic, their educational setting, their comfort zone to share their compassionate hearts and hands with their local communities and the world in collaboration with PT Day of Service. He is excited to collaborate with other like-minded PTs, students, local community members, and citizens of the world to develop a strong network of passionate people. The common focus is to maximize lives through healthier living and empower community members to help increase access to quality rehabilitation medicine around the corner and around the world.

O se (thank you in Yoruba), Ayobami for your compassion, community development, and collaboration with local communities and people around the world. You, along with the other 4,000 plus people engaged with Move Together & PTDOS annually are the heart of our what if, why not catalyzing servant leaders to maximize lives through healthier movement in Nigeria and beyond.

Fellow Nigerians and anyone living in Nigeria come join the PTDOS Move Together movement in Nigeria by reaching out to Ayobami at

Not in Nigeria? No worries. we have opportunities across the globe as nearly 60 countries have participated in PTDOS over the past 4-years. You can learn more through the following:

  • 2019 PTDOS Projects around the World ~ Check out the project map and see what is happening in your country and your community. Sign-up to participate in a project near you.
  • Nothing happening near you, then we challenge you to step out of your comfort zone like Ayobami, learn and network with others, and take one further step to activate your own project. Sign-up to be an ambassador and receive amazing resources from our experienced and compassionate PTDOS team.
  • Still unsure, we are here for you! Email us at with your questions, your ideas, your hesitations, and we will connect you with the right team members to help you navigate and take that next step to share your compassionate heart and hands in a local community.

Lastly, but most importantly, please share your inspiring story of compassion, community, and collaboration connected with PTDOS and other Move Together experiences by commenting below and/or emailing us at We look forward to hearing and sharing your stories!


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