Gratitude for Each Touchpoint

The Move Together Family and Organization is grateful for the accompanying people and communities around the world. We are thankful for the welcoming heart, compassionate collaboration, and the loving presence of each person.

People & communities who
Welcome us into their home and their community;
Share and learn together for optimal transformation and growth;
Embrace and activate our mission and vision locally for a global effect;
Offer countless hours behind the scenes with logistics, development, and ideations; and
Collaborate ~ collectively sharing resources, experiences, and knowledge.

We are grateful for each moment, each touchpoint, each encounter, each fraction of funding.

Because we believe “one touchpoint at a time leads to this linear love, this exponential love of a better world.” (Efosa Guobadia, CEO)

Thank you for being a part of our family: welcoming, accompanying, and collaborating with us for a better world!


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