2020 Message from our CEO

On behalf of the entire organization of Move Together, we send each one of you positive vibes, wishes, and prayers.

As we transition from 2019 into 2020, we certainly find ourselves in unique times. More frankly stated, we are in unknown times. And times in which many are vulnerable and feel a sense of instability in their lives.

Throughout history, we have seen how instability and vulnerability for the individual and the collective can lead to disruption and trauma when alternative options are not present. For us, we look to three beacons to guide us so that we can be positive contributors to communities around the world. Those three beacons are Compassion, Collaboration, Community. 

Alone and just written and said, the above words can easily be blown away. Yet with action, commitment, and a vibrant dimension to these three powerful ideas, the world can be changed for the better. Now more than ever, near and far, for the time that is and for the time that is to come, we all need to come together as compassionate collaborators in our communities in ways that are responsible and productive.

Our promises to you as an organization are thus. We will be aspirational in our aim and humble in our approach. We will partner with anyone anywhere to promote and promulgate positive works and ideas. We will always do our best.

We have a request. Starting today, we can each do something and then continue to do it. We can do as the American Statesman Ben Franklin did every morning as he looked in the mirror. We can ask ourselves ‘what good can we do today’?

Then we can answer it. One act. One day at a time. That is how we transcend the unknown. The vulnerability and instability that is all around us. That is how we collectively Move Together to a better place.

We look forward to fulfilling our mission with that mindset. In these unique times, positive and unique things are indeed possible. Onward, towards improving access to quality rehabilitation medicine around the corner and around the world. Onward, towards a world of more compassion, with deeper bonds of collaboration, and with stronger communities.

Onward we go. Together.

Dr. Efosa L. Guobadia, DPT
CEO and President

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